, Derry, New Hampshire


August 30, 2012

Letters to the editor


Jim Rausch is a results-oriented state senator who focuses on the issues and doesn’t get bogged down in partisan politics. He gets things done and it is my hope that you will join me in supporting Jim Rausch for State Senate.

Jim Foley


Olympics are over but games continue

To the editor:

The Olympic Games have closed, the vice presidential candidate has been announced and local candidate signs are disappearing — it must be election season in Londonderry.

The state primary is little more than a week away (Sept. 11) and things must be heating up because signs are disappearing. Why is it necessary to resort to such low tactics?

RSA 664:14 states that political signs may be removed from public property by state or town maintenance or law enforcement personnel. The property owner or those authorized by the property owner may remove signs placed on private property without owner consent and improper political advertising may be removed by law enforcement personnel.

It is a criminal offense to remove, deface or destroy political advertising per RSA 664:21, VI (a)-(b) which allows a $1,000 civil penalty per violation.

Our state representatives earn $200 per session and spend a lot more than they earn on signs alone. These games should stop; the voters of Londonderry are entitled to a fair and honest campaign season.

Cindi Rice Conley

Town Moderator


Shed no tears for

the very wealthy


To the editor:

To those who shed tears for the super-wealthy supposedly paying an unfairly high portion of federal income taxes, consider: These people make so much money that if it were not for the special tax advantages created and designed by them and sneaked through Congress by their lobbyists, they should probably be paying more to be fair. Heard of anyone making $20 million who in one year paid a rate under 14 percent? Sure, lots of money, but not fair in relation to the tax rates or what most middle-class people pay.

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