, Derry, New Hampshire


April 18, 2013

Letters to the editor


As an East Derry resident and stay-at-home parent, Taylor Library has played a significant role in my day-to-day life and community experience. My daughter and I have attended Taylor Library story time with Miss Ginny, Miss Fran and Miss Linda for almost three years, beginning with the baby/toddler program and transitioning into the preschool group. The intimate setting and familiar faces provide an invaluable social experience for my 3½-year-old only child.

A 20-minute walk takes us to the cozy brick library in the heart of the East Derry “hub,” whose establishments read like the subjects of a Norman Rockwell painting: Upper Village Hall, the East Derry post office and East Derry general store, First Parish Church, Nutfield Cooperative School. Taylor Library embodies the small-town-within-a-town warmth these names suggest, whether collecting food pantry donations in lieu of overdue fines or playing host to a little girls’ tea complete with Miss Linda’s famous homemade sugar cookies.

Though relatively new to New Hampshire and Derry, I quickly recognized Taylor Library’s fundamental place in Derry’s history and importance to its future. In an era of urbanization and decreased interaction with neighbors, such libraries are among the increasingly rare places where everybody really does know your name.

Marla Landers-Renouf


China is hacking U.S. computers

To the editor:

Based on the activities of Chinese Army Unit 61398 as reported by the New York Times, communist China continues to wage cyber warfare against the United States by hacking into the computers of U.S. corporations.

An American computer security firm, Mandiant, completed a study of Unit 61398, and determined most of the attacks on U.S. corporations have emanated from this group. Companies targeted include electric utilities, gas lines and waterworks. The Chinese also attacked the computer security firm RSA, whose systems protect corporate clients and government agencies.

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