, Derry, New Hampshire


November 8, 2012

Letters to the editor


The developer has options: He could take personal responsibility; sell it as common property jointly owned by the new homeowners in his development who will benefit from the scenic views — just as the residents of Redfield Circle have paid for their dam for decades; or sell it to a private group of individuals. It’s simply not a problem the Town of Derry needs to solve.

Derry homeowners will be facing a 4.1 percent increase in property tax rates this year. At a time when many are losing their homes and struggling to keep up with the rising costs of gasoline, groceries, heating oil and health care, the last thing the Town of Derry should be spending money on is a dam.

Government should stay out of private matters and be fiscally responsible.

Kelley Martin


Thanks for donations to soup kitchen

To the editor:

The Sonshine Soup Kitchen would like to thank all the local food establishments that donating gift certificates to our raffle at Derry Fest. Through their generosity, $653 was raised in support of our mission!

It is heartwarming to know that these local businesses stand behind us to help the soup kitchen provide meals to anyone in need in our community.

Caroline Schulze

Sonshine Soup Kitchen


Home owners are

no threat to plovers

To the editor:

Regarding the plight of the piping plovers: Much has been made over the beachfront residents who are trying to maintain their private walkways.

My home is not on the waterfront but I am a year-round resident and my family enjoys the beach nearly every day in the summer and frequently all year long. As I hear it, this argument of walkway legality has been going on for literally generations. I do take issue with the implication that beach residents don’t care about these endangered birds because we do care.

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