, Derry, New Hampshire


November 8, 2012

Column: Derry’s Vincent Cassidy was a poet, soldier and scholar


Of pain,

The bitter twang of

Twice-born hate

I have not known, nor yet

Had been to war.

I had not noticed, day by day,

Dear ones’ faces fade away,

And home becomes a dream,

A thing remembered,

Hoped for-all but lost in memory.

But now I’ve seen more than

I’ll say.

How old I’ve grown since


Cassidy was discharged from the Marines in 1946. The first three things he did upon returning to a war-free life were: visit his parents, get married, and grow a Van Dyke beard. He went back to college and in time earned his doctorate. Dr. Cassidy published many articles and books and retired in 1988 as professor emeritus from the University of Akron. He passed away the next year at age 65, survived by a son and daughter. He is buried at the family lot at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Londonderry.

This Veterans Day please remember Cassidy’s example of bravery and sacrifice for his country.


Rick Holmes is the official town historian of Derry and plans to hold office hours at the municipal center. He is the former chairman of the Derry Heritage Commission. Several of his books on local history are available at Mack’s Apples and Derry’s libraries.

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