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October 4, 2012

Letters to the editor


Also, I am fine with Mitt Romney making a lot of money even though we do not make nearly as much as he or Obama makes. Maybe with Romney’s solid experience in the private business sector he will teach us how to make more money for ourselves instead of depending on the government.

Lori Wood


Hassan favors government over kids

To the editor:

Maggie Hassan doesn’t support the School Choice Tax Credit program that the Legislature passed last year. This program allows organizations to donate to a scholarship fund that provides scholarships to low-income families for their children to attend private schools. Maggie argues that organizations should not get the tax write-off to donate to the scholarship fund and that the money is best served going back to the government. Really? Ovide Lamontagne and the Republicans are compassionate and believe low-income families should have opportunities to attend the school of their choice. Why doesn’t Maggie?

Doug Thomas


Does the president think we are stupid?

To the editor:

The president and his surrogates are trying to convince the American people that the anti-American turmoil in the Muslim World was caused by a movie about their religion. Really?

What has caused this anti-American turmoil are his failed foreign policies and his lack of leadership. Show the president that we are smarter than he thinks, Vote him out of office in November.

Ed Duffett


Trust women to make their own choices

To the editor:

At this point, many New Hampshire women have probably heard about the comments of Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, an anti-choice extremist who opposes abortion rights even in the case of rape and incest.

What they might not know is that we have another, even more extreme anti-choice candidate right here in New Hampshire: Ovide Lamontagne.

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