, Derry, New Hampshire


October 4, 2012

Letters to the editor

Three strikes and Obama is out

To the editor:

President Obama will not be receiving my vote on Nov. 6. Here’s why:

1. His failed economic policies have resulted in high unemployment, lower take-home pay and the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. We have borrowed money from China in order to give money to other nations (e.g., Egypt) who do not support us. I like Romney’s plan of having fair trade agreements with nations who allow US investment and remove trade barriers.

2. I believe in smaller government, allowing the free market and small businesses to take the risks necessary to put money back into the economy. President Obama is all about bigger government, more regulations, government regulated healthcare that will stifle hiring and increase insurance premiums. I believe we need a new healthcare system but not the way President Obama is doing it.

3. After his remarks at the United Nations citing the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans as solely due to the offensive Muslim film that was released, I am more convinced that he does not see the importance of a strong America as a world power. This was a premeditated attack on an American Embassy where the perpetrators even tore down the American flag on the significant anniversary of 9/11. President Obama never once in his speech said this was a terrorist attack. Militant groups in Libya were unapologetic about the consular deaths. America needs to protect itself from radical extremist terrorists. Don’t minimize the death of our ambassador by not calling it what it was, a terrorist attack. From what I have read, Romney has a better relationship with Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, than Obama does. Obama refused a meeting with him while welcoming Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, with a private meeting at the UN. Romney will be better equipped to protect our country on an international level than Obama.

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