, Derry, New Hampshire


September 27, 2012



So many times we experience a bolt of intuition or a little voice that is encouraging us to do something or talk to someone and we ignore it or tell ourselves, “Oh, next time.” We assume there will be a next time, that there will always be time. But there isn’t always.

This is a lesson we seem have to learn multiple times and it manifests regret. But we can’t dwell on it. We can only take a lesson from this and not hesitate when that little voice tells you to do something. I wonder sometimes what prompted Robert to take a seat on his front lawn and simply wave to all the passers-by. Maybe it was a little voice

within him that encouraged him to just reach out to everyone who drove by.

I am only one of probably hundreds, maybe thousands of people he touched. Everyone is talking about him and what a loss we will all share at no longer being able to wave to him each day. But we will all remember him for a long time. Each time we drive by his home we will look and remember his smile and wave and how on the worst of mornings he made such a positive impact in our lives. For me, he gave me happiness with every smile and wave.

Martha Stavrou


Romney attack is hypocritical

To the editor:

Gov. Romney’s mantra, “Believe in America” rings hollow in light of his penchant for hiding some of his Bain Capital investments in the Cayman Islands and most importantly, China.

In 2011, the U.S. had a $109.4 billion trade deficit with China. It dwarfs the $9.7 billion surplus we have with the rest of the world. This imbalance increased increases China’s foreign reserves, encouraging even more exports to the US and the inevitable loss of jobs here at home.

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