, Derry, New Hampshire


September 27, 2012



Romney thinks he knows Americans. Most of the remaining people who do not pay federal income taxes are seniors on Social Security and the mentally and physically disabled. He thinks they are just moochers.

If he even knew, he would probably think it was just fine for the more than 4,000 millionaires who pay no federal income taxes, or for the other 14,000 who make over $500,000 and do the same. Actually, maybe he does know this one. But presumably he respects them and their deductions and credits, but does not respect the millions of hard-working low-wage workers and the legal tax credit due to them.

He seems to only respect the work of investors and entrepreneurs, not the average working American.

Charlie Zoeller


He spread happiness with every wave

To the editor:

They are two of the simplest gestures, a smile and a wave. How often do we do it in a day? How often do we do it toward strangers? A smile maybe a wave to signal them through an intersection and then you may never see them again.

Every day for years, on my way to my husband’s business or the grocery store or to pick up kids I would see Robert Young. He was either sitting in one of his red plastic lawn chairs or on the bench attached to his house, legs crossed, and an ever present smile on his face, he would wave to everyone who drove by.

I didn’t know him personally, I’d never stopped to talk to him. He lived in a renovated barn on Route 102, a very busy road here in Derry. He sold grasses, copper and artwork.

For the past several weeks I’d been telling myself, “I need to stop and check out the copper’ or “I need to stop and say ‘hi.’’’ I never stopped. He was killed on Saturday, Sept. 22, in a horrible accident. I’ll never get to wave to him again and I will always regret not having taken the time to just stop and say hello and introduce myself.

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