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September 27, 2012



It is no coincidence that we have gasoline prices hovering around $4 per gallon, twice what they were when Obama took the oath of office. Energy research has been crippled by this administration’s refusal to issue exploration permits for our own domestic oil, rejection of a natural gas pipeline with Canada over political favors, and a declared presidential objective to put the coal industry out of business. Instead, we have been pitched on the vastly overstated potential of wind power, solar power and “renewable” fuels like ethanol. Are we any more energy independent than we were four years ago?

It is no coincidence that Americans are now more paranoid about their own government than those of hostile foreign states. We now live in fear of political correctness, forced government regulations that disarm us and violate our religious convictions, invasion of our privacy, redistribution of our hard-earned paychecks to those who won’t work, and unchecked encroachment of federal power. Are we any freer than we were four years ago?

Campaign strategist James Carville is credited with the slogan “It’s (about) the economy, stupid!” during Bill Clinton’s first run against President George H.W. Bush. It was an effective rallying point for Democrats, as the national economy was enduring a mild recession. After four years of precipitous decline on every front under the mismanagement of Obama/Biden, we must conclude: “It’s about competence, stupid!”

It is no coincidence that the only nation with anything to fear from another four years of Obama’s incompetence is America.

Nathan Clark


Tape reveals what Romney believes

To the editor:

Mitt Romney thinks it’s OK for super wealthy people like him to take advantage of every legal tax break, but not the struggling working family. The vast majority of households not paying federal income taxes are those whose wages are so low that they qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. These include thousands of active-duty military. Many are veterans. Romney calls them all victims and irresponsible.

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