, Derry, New Hampshire

September 27, 2012


Derry News

---- — This election must be about competence

To the editor:

It is no coincidence that havoc is breaking out across the Arab world, resulting in attacks on several U.S. embassies and the lynching of our ambassador to Libya along with three other staffers.

It is no coincidence that Vladimir Putin is flexing Russian nationalist muscle all around the world, doing his “I dare you” dance in the face of this administration.

It is no coincidence the Chinese are sinking enormous amounts of capital into developing what will soon be the world’s foremost blue-water navy.

It is no coincidence that Iran has apparently reached the point where deployment of nuclear weapons and delivery systems is imminent. The term “dirty bomb” has been replaced in intelligence circles with the more ominous “medium range vehicle.”

Does anyone feel safer than you did four years ago?

The current administration has been tried and found incompetent by the court of world opinion, if the daily headlines are any indication. There is no need to listen to what the Republicans have to say about Obama/Biden, as it can be easily dismissed as partisanship. Just look at how other countries respond to us.

The open contempt for the United States has reached a boiling point reminiscent of the last days of the Carter administration, a hallmark of indecision, pacifism and adherence to wrong beliefs at the executive level.

Teddy Roosevelt’s philosophy on foreign policy was encapsulated in one simple phrase; “Walk softly, and carry a big stick.” It is patently obvious that nobody thinks we’re carrying that stick anymore.

It is no coincidence that actual unemployment and underemployment (not the government-doctored statistic) has stubbornly remained in double digits, according to real, actual labor studies. Four years of hostility, suspicion and regulatory assault on employers across the country have ensured that jobless rates are extremely unlikely to improve, and so they haven’t. Instead, we’ve been enslaved financially through two phony stimulus loans totaling approximately $1.5 trillion, the only evidence of which is an insurmountable IOU ball and chain around your grandchildren’s ankles.

It is no coincidence that we have gasoline prices hovering around $4 per gallon, twice what they were when Obama took the oath of office. Energy research has been crippled by this administration’s refusal to issue exploration permits for our own domestic oil, rejection of a natural gas pipeline with Canada over political favors, and a declared presidential objective to put the coal industry out of business. Instead, we have been pitched on the vastly overstated potential of wind power, solar power and “renewable” fuels like ethanol. Are we any more energy independent than we were four years ago?

It is no coincidence that Americans are now more paranoid about their own government than those of hostile foreign states. We now live in fear of political correctness, forced government regulations that disarm us and violate our religious convictions, invasion of our privacy, redistribution of our hard-earned paychecks to those who won’t work, and unchecked encroachment of federal power. Are we any freer than we were four years ago?

Campaign strategist James Carville is credited with the slogan “It’s (about) the economy, stupid!” during Bill Clinton’s first run against President George H.W. Bush. It was an effective rallying point for Democrats, as the national economy was enduring a mild recession. After four years of precipitous decline on every front under the mismanagement of Obama/Biden, we must conclude: “It’s about competence, stupid!”

It is no coincidence that the only nation with anything to fear from another four years of Obama’s incompetence is America.

Nathan Clark


Tape reveals what Romney believes

To the editor:

Mitt Romney thinks it’s OK for super wealthy people like him to take advantage of every legal tax break, but not the struggling working family. The vast majority of households not paying federal income taxes are those whose wages are so low that they qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. These include thousands of active-duty military. Many are veterans. Romney calls them all victims and irresponsible.

Romney thinks he knows Americans. Most of the remaining people who do not pay federal income taxes are seniors on Social Security and the mentally and physically disabled. He thinks they are just moochers.

If he even knew, he would probably think it was just fine for the more than 4,000 millionaires who pay no federal income taxes, or for the other 14,000 who make over $500,000 and do the same. Actually, maybe he does know this one. But presumably he respects them and their deductions and credits, but does not respect the millions of hard-working low-wage workers and the legal tax credit due to them.

He seems to only respect the work of investors and entrepreneurs, not the average working American.

Charlie Zoeller


He spread happiness with every wave

To the editor:

They are two of the simplest gestures, a smile and a wave. How often do we do it in a day? How often do we do it toward strangers? A smile maybe a wave to signal them through an intersection and then you may never see them again.

Every day for years, on my way to my husband’s business or the grocery store or to pick up kids I would see Robert Young. He was either sitting in one of his red plastic lawn chairs or on the bench attached to his house, legs crossed, and an ever present smile on his face, he would wave to everyone who drove by.

I didn’t know him personally, I’d never stopped to talk to him. He lived in a renovated barn on Route 102, a very busy road here in Derry. He sold grasses, copper and artwork.

For the past several weeks I’d been telling myself, “I need to stop and check out the copper’ or “I need to stop and say ‘hi.’’’ I never stopped. He was killed on Saturday, Sept. 22, in a horrible accident. I’ll never get to wave to him again and I will always regret not having taken the time to just stop and say hello and introduce myself.

So many times we experience a bolt of intuition or a little voice that is encouraging us to do something or talk to someone and we ignore it or tell ourselves, “Oh, next time.” We assume there will be a next time, that there will always be time. But there isn’t always.

This is a lesson we seem have to learn multiple times and it manifests regret. But we can’t dwell on it. We can only take a lesson from this and not hesitate when that little voice tells you to do something. I wonder sometimes what prompted Robert to take a seat on his front lawn and simply wave to all the passers-by. Maybe it was a little voice

within him that encouraged him to just reach out to everyone who drove by.

I am only one of probably hundreds, maybe thousands of people he touched. Everyone is talking about him and what a loss we will all share at no longer being able to wave to him each day. But we will all remember him for a long time. Each time we drive by his home we will look and remember his smile and wave and how on the worst of mornings he made such a positive impact in our lives. For me, he gave me happiness with every smile and wave.

Martha Stavrou


Romney attack is hypocritical

To the editor:

Gov. Romney’s mantra, “Believe in America” rings hollow in light of his penchant for hiding some of his Bain Capital investments in the Cayman Islands and most importantly, China.

In 2011, the U.S. had a $109.4 billion trade deficit with China. It dwarfs the $9.7 billion surplus we have with the rest of the world. This imbalance increased increases China’s foreign reserves, encouraging even more exports to the US and the inevitable loss of jobs here at home.

In the past 10 years, New hampshire had 2.94 percent of its jobs displaced (20,900) because of this imbalance of trade with China – the largest percentage of all 50 states.

President Obama has brought several cases before the World Trade Organization, four times as many as the previous administration, to counter China’s unfair trade practices, such as currency manipulation and the “dumping” of below cost exports.

It is hypocritical that Gov. Romney, the purveyor of outsourcing and foreign investment, would attack the president recently for being too soft on Sino-American trade policy.

Jack Goterch