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December 13, 2012

Letters to the editor

McCain has moved to the far right

To the editor:

Sen. John McCain, the arcane, has gone off the tracks again. Once the beloved maverick of politics, he is now a major panderer to the far right. McCain’s metamorphosis was initially moderate but has gained momentum. The war hero, once liked and respected by just about everyone, has become just about everyone’s crazy and cranky Uncle Harold.

Previously a man of principle over politics — anti-torture, soft money and ear marks, pro-immigration and campaign finance reform — he is now the man of raging rhetoric over reason. McCain’s transformation parallels the transformation of his party. The senator embodies the self-destructive path that the far right of the Republican Party has chosen — attack, defame, pander and prevent.

His persuasion strategy is the more angry and irrational one gets the more valid the point becomes. To those of us who don’t agree with McCain’s style, he appears to have become a nasty, bitter, hyper-partisan. He, like his party, lashes out rather than reaches out, focuses on the past not the future and has a goal to win not to better.

McCain’s character assassination of UN Ambassador Susan Rice, a possible replacement for Hillary Clinton, is a perfect example of the far right’s uncontrollable vitriol overcoming good sense.

Why are McCain and the other two stooges, Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Lindsey Graham, attacking someone who did not write but did read a statement after the Benghazi attack, and not questioning individuals who knew something and did nothing before the attack?

For the good of our political process and the country, let’s hope that the ghosts of “the old John McCain” and Warren Rudman materialize before it is too late for a reasonable, rational debate of the issues and practical, balanced solutions to our fiscal problems.

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