, Derry, New Hampshire


November 29, 2012



If Sarcione and the other supporters of the Adams Pond Dam are willing to make the effort to raise the renovation money, perhaps Gagnon can be convinced to offer them the same deal he was willing to give Derry — the dam and the embankment for free.

This is no simple undertaking. Dam supporters would need to organize formally and come up with a plan to renovate or repair the structure. That’s the easy part. Raising $150,000 or more would be very difficult.

At this point, that difficult path may be their only option. Derry officials have shown little interest in taking over the dam. And Gagnon has said he may remove the structure, reducing Adams Pond to a mere stream.

If supporters of the Adams Pond Dam want any chance of saving the structure, they’ll need to act quickly and decisively. With town officials having washed their hands of the matter, the only hope for the dam — and it’s a longshot at best — is in their hands.

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