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November 29, 2012

Letters to the editor


The Democrats claim to be the party of the people because they want bigger government programs, but they are also throwing people into jail for drug crimes. This has been a bipartisan effort since the 1980s. What a chance to take the right side of the issue and play it for all it’s worth!

Conservatives should be able to get behind this, and the poor among us should also be able to support this wholeheartedly. Those who are concerned about the increase of those dependent on government handouts ought to consider what happens when a person is sent to prison for a drug “crime.” They are supported by taxpayer dollars, and it is much more expensive to support them in jail or prison than by just putting them on welfare. We should consider how much money we could save if we took them off government handouts — jail and prison handouts!

Let us be the party of freedom — from jail!

Jonathan Meadows


Republicans’ tired ideas lost the election

To the editor:

Attention, Republicans! It was not Hurricane Sandy and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that defeated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. It was not government gifts. It was not a solar flare. It was most certainly not black helicopters that dropped “urban voters” into rural districts to steal the election.

Simply put, Romney and Ryan lost because they and their ideas did not appeal to a majority of voters and they insulted the intelligence of the American people with too many lies, egregious attempts to disenfranchise voters and just plain stupid statements.

The Republican Party is wrong on several fundamental assumptions. In fact, average Americans want a separation of church and state, the basic concept of “fairness” does motivate voters, most people disagree with their beliefs that individualism trumps community and that government is always a problem and never a help. After the disasters of deregulation and the crash of 2008, voters do not accept that private enterprise, if only left alone, will do what is best for everyone, every time.

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