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April 24, 2014

Letters to the editor

It’s election season, voters beware

To the editor:

As the election season heats up, we need to brace against the coming multi-media typhoon. Let us not forget the old adage, caveat emptor.

Most are familiar with the term: Let the buyer beware. It is a part of GOP philosophy, all regulations are bad, the consumer protection agency has too much power and let’s strip away routes of recourse for average citizens who have been wronged.

Historically, the term addressed a situation where businesses didn’t always “play fair” or provide their customers with honest information. It meant that buyers were on their own and if cheated it was their fault. You get the picture, kind of like the way Republicans feel about the unemployed.

For the election season we need to add: Let the voter beware to our political lexicon. The special interest slime is already oozing into our homes. This is especially true if you are a woman and an independent. The GOP has targeted you. They think that you are either politically uninformed or will be influenced by slick political spin, so they never give you their real reason for opposition/obstruction.

Take the minimum wage as one example. Republicans claim that the reason they oppose raising the minimum wage is because it will kill jobs rather than the truth that their base doesn’t want to spend the extra money. This would not be the first time the minimum wage was raised and not the first time the GOP has opposed it for the same reason but it would be the first time a rise in the minimum wage has caused the loss of a lot of jobs.

Equal pay for women who do equal work is another issue that produces Republican specious and disingenuous reasoning. They claim that passing this legislation will limit women’s job opportunities and upward mobility. Of course it has nothing to do with costing the business community more money or possibly upsetting the status quo.

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