, Derry, New Hampshire


April 25, 2013

Letters to the editor


I am truly mortified that we are even discussing defunding the Taylor Library. I did the math and it appears that defunding it would save a homeowner with a $250,000 assessment a whole $10 a year! I can’t believe losing the town’s historic heart and soul is worth saving just $10 a year.

I can only hope the Town Council can see the value of the Taylor Library that I have experienced and will vote to restore its funding, and preserve its place in the character and history of Derry.

Kelly Mahony


Removal effort is disrespectful

To the editor:

Three state representatives, including Al Baldasaro, have shown blatant disrespect for the voters of New Hampshire by demanding that 189 of their peers, duly elected members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, be immediately removed from office. Why? Because they voted to repeal the reckless 2011 “stand your ground” law, returning to the law in effect since 1977. It says that if you are in a confrontation and you are certain you can safely retreat, you should. If not, you can use deadly force. Most people would agree it is reasonable to think first rather than shoot first.

For 34 years, our New Hampshire state legislators never felt we needed a law like “stand your ground” to protect ourselves. By taking this action, Al and his fellow complainants call out the lawmakers of the previous 34 years.

When a bill is proposed, all legislators are given the opportunity to make their arguments about the constitutionality of a bill on the floor of the house. If the bill passes, it is up to a judge to declare a bill unconstitutional in a court of law.

The legal action proposed by these three individuals declares that 189 lawmakers violated the constitution by merely voting. It is the job of the legislature to vote. How could that action be unconstitutional?

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