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July 25, 2013

Letters to the editor


We are Durham residents who are staff, alumni, students. Our children swim there, too. In addition, who are the lifeguards? They are Oyster River High School students, UNH students, and some of them are Oyster River grads who now attend UNH!

Durham is indeed where “U” live, and the pool is a big part of that. Closing the pool or destroying it would rend a tear in this community of children, adults and students who flock to the pool for recreation and refreshment.

The current configuration of the pool must be retained. We value the history of this area and are horrified at the thought of destroying this classic Depression-era WPA structure.

It is a masterpiece of form and function. The size and variety of depths and features provide water enjoyment for all ages. The “naturalistic” materials create the illusion of swimming in a natural pond, and the grassy and tree-lined areas are much more comfortable than most cement-paved public pools.

The outdoor pool as it stands right now is one of the most central sites in our town.

Rather than destroy it, let’s focus on finding technological solutions as needed and retain the historic structure. Leave the outdoor pool for generations to enjoy.

Julia Rodriguez


Libertarians want people to do it their way

To the Editor:

The first time I voted, I did so as an Independent. I wasn’t quite a Democrat and not rich, so didn’t think I could be a Republican.

I later registered as a Libertarian until I learned I couldn’t vote in the primary in the state I was living. I am now a registered Republican, but have a small “l,” libertarian philosophy.

In exploring groups like Democrats, Republicans, tea party, liberals and occupiers, they seem to want one to “do it their way.” They know what’s best and if they don’t like something, someone else shouldn’t do it or have it, either.

I would like more people to be libertarian, but questioned whether libertarianism is the right way. I find this to be the difference about libertarianism vs. other groups. Libertarians don’t seem to be interested in people “doing it their way,” they seem to be interested in all having the right to “do it their way” as long as it harms no one else.

Kay Parker


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