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June 26, 2014

Derry News columnist releases first book

LONDONDERRY — A longtime Derry News columnist has put his favorite words into one place.

John Edmondson of Londonderry has released a book of his favorite Derry News columns through the years.

The book, “I Won’t Walk A Mile In Another Man’s Pants, and other Musings on Living, Teaching and Writing,” is now available through

Edmondson’s self-published collection through Amazon’s “Create Space” program, is a collection of his favorite columns from his 15 years of contributing to the Derry News.

The longtime Hampstead Middle School teacher said it was time to put together a book to give readers a chance to revisit some of his past columns.

Choosing his favorites wasn’t easy.

“I had to go through hundreds of columns,” he said. “I decided as I was reading that my columns fit into certain categories.”

There were columns on his educational views, columns on travel, life experiences and his classroom. There were the daily life works, the simple subjects, even columns on his cats.

“I picked out the ones I liked,” he said.

The new book is separated into those categories with Edmondson’s 103 column choices filling the 236 pages.

While writing his column for the past 15 years, Edmondson said, he has noticed his writing subjects change often.

In the beginning, he said, he emphasized education, but grew more into a larger scope of his personal views and insight into many areas.

“It allowed me to realize I had big subject areas I tend to focus on,” he said. “I didn’t realize I had written so much about teaching.”

He’s written not just about his own classroom, but more general thoughts on standardized testing and other observations about education in America today.

There also were more observational views in his columns, Edmondson said, including the little mundane things that happen to everyone.

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