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June 19, 2014

Letters to the editor

Bergdahl deal makes world more dangerous

To the editor:

Everyone is happy that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been released, assuming he regrets his desertion/defection and wishes to be a constructive U.S. citizen. People object to the Bergdahl trade because it was done illegally, it broke a long-established principle against negotiating with terrorists, it was a very bad deal, the president lied about it, and because it makes the world more dangerous.

President Obama justified breaking the law, by not giving Congress the required 30-day notice of release of Guantanamo prisoners, because of Bergdahl’s health. That lie was quickly replaced with a lie that Bergdahl would be killed if the deal wasn’t done immediately. But, Bergdahl’s parents were told a month beforehand and there was enough time to tell Hillary Clinton.

The inescapable conclusion is that Obama didn’t notify Congress because Congress previously objected to releasing Guantanamo prisoners and would have rejected this terrible trade.

By negotiating with terrorists and releasing five extremely dangerous Taliban leaders, President Obama made hostage targets of every American. Terrorist leaders already say that they will be looking for more hostages to trade.

The initial ransom demand for Bergdahl was under $100,000. Reports indicate that the administration rejected the idea of money for Bergdahl in January, apparently seeing a potential trade as an excuse for going against the wishes of Congress and the American people and releasing Guantanamo prisoners as President Obama wants to do.

In any case, releasing five terrorist commanders for one deserter is a terrible deal. This deal was reportedly opposed by the military and national security representatives. It was made without consulting allies in Afghanistan and elsewhere who will have to deal with the terrorism caused by these terrorist commanders. These terrorist commanders are a threat to Afghans and peaceful people everywhere as well as to Americans.

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