, Derry, New Hampshire


June 12, 2014

Letters to the editor

Foley is my choice for state Senate

To the editor:

Jim Foley is my choice for state Senate because he has the honor, integrity and real world experience that we need to represent us in Concord. Jim is a sales and businessman, served in the Marine Corps and as chairman of the Derry Town Republican Committee. You might have met him at our annual Derry Fest GOP booth, public memorial gatherings and of course our annual Main Street Halloween trick or treat for Derry’s children.

His knowledge of our complex business regulations and taxes and his desire to simplify them will help jump-start our economy and create jobs. His proven leadership abilities and courage are sorely needed in Concord to fix the many challenges facing our state like reining in spending, lowering energy costs and fixing our roads and bridges. As a conservative Republican, Jim has pledge to oppose a sales tax, an income tax and all new taxes and tax increase in order to help reinvigorate our “New Hampshire advantage.”

I have known Jim for many years and worked with him on many political and community endeavors. He is a downright good guy who has the interest of the people of Derry, Hampstead and Windham at the heart of all of his ideas and positions. I encourage you to call or email Jim today, and please join me in supporting Jim Foley for state Senate.

John T. O’Connor

State representative


Wildlife area should be for the birds

To the editor:

Looking out my window on Sunday morning at the wildlife sanctuary, the migrating birds have been back. They are always the first sign of spring.

I say, “Good morning guys and gals. Why, you ask, am I so sad this morning? They won again. Only this time they were aided by the town of Derry. Imagine a town having the right to override condo by-laws. I don’t buy it.

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