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November 7, 2013

Letters tot he editor

Park would be something all enjoy

To the editor:

After reading your recent editorial about economic development in the Abbott Court area of downtown I would like to add a few comments.

Although I do support a park in the Abbott Court area I can’t take credit for it. I will give that to Stuart Arnett, who worked with the town on economic development a few years ago and part of his plan included a skateboard park. It seemed a skate park limited the population of people who would use it and I thought a park for everyone would be a much better idea. The idea of a park is to draw people into the downtown and hopefully spur new businesses to the now vacant seven or eight stores.

The conceptual plan was to buy all the property around Abbott Court and develop it. In all honesty the plans look great but I think the cost to develop it would be prohibitive to the town and expensive for a developer that might want to come in.

There has to be money out there somewhere to fund a park in a depressed downtown and I’m sure we employ a talented enough person that can search out those grants. I like the idea of selling bricks or even park benches in someone’s name. The point of this is to spend as little new taxpayer money as possible to fund the park.

The town owns five properties in the Abbott Court area: 5 Abbott Court is a town parking lot; 8 Central St. is on 0.09 acres of land all by itself; 3 Central Court, 1 Central Court and 2 Central Court Ext. are the properties I would like to see converted to a park. The three properties combined are about an acre and a half of land. Two of these three properties have sat vacant since 2006. That’s seven years of no real plan as to what to do with these properties. It’s time to change that.

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