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October 31, 2013

Letters to the editor


There are other claims about the ACA that are not fact based but probably the most outlandish is that the ACA provides for death panels and rationing of health care through the Individual Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). In reality the IPAB is set up to make recommendations to help control Medicare’s overall costs. It has no function to make decisions about individuals’ health care. The ACA law specifically bars the IPAB from any recommendation to ration health care or restrict benefits.

Statements like this, masquerading as reality, hurt our democracy in two major ways. First they distort public information and understanding of reality when an informed public is essential to a functioning democracy and second they make it much harder for our elected representatives to work together to find reasonable solutions to our very real problems

Robert Wilkinson


We need Sanders or Kucinich for president

To the editor:

While criticism of our drones-use in Pakistan makes the news, I’m sending postcards to both Obamas: “Our USA in perpetual war and thus ‘preferring’ drones-murder in other countries is suffering illness. We drag others into our illness. It’s ill to support war-machinery industry over all other kinds of production.

“Hillary would not get us out of this, nor would Kerry or Biden. We need a President Bernie Sanders or a President Dennis Kucinich. Each has integrity, cause-and-effect awareness, kindness. Not happening in D.C. at this time.”

When Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks to the NH Peace Action audience on Nov. 9 in Concord, I hope we hear support for our USA getting past and surviving its illness that makes warring our dominant, outreach lifestyle.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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