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October 31, 2013

Letters to the editor


Just Google “Obama’s top 50 accomplishments/Washington Monthly” for a memory refresher, a list that all Obama-bashers should either stay away from or just pretend doesn’t exist. And anyone still arguing about the necessity of the gradual implementation of Obamacare should check out the millions of families busily signing up for benefits on the online marketplace, despite all the system problems and slowdowns that are currently being redressed. Or talk to some of the American families and our elderly who have already been enjoying the earliest benefits of the law since last year. And the good news is that the slowdowns and inaccessibility of the website should be fixed before the end of November, giving customers plenty of time to sign up for assistance.

Furloughs are over, parks are reopened and government funding is congress-approved through Jan. 15, with the option of continued federal borrowing through Feb. 7. If Cruz, John Cornyn, Jim Inhofe and the rest of these quixotic “leaders” have their way we can all look forward then to another tug-of-war between America’s financial solvency and tea party Republicans, in their continuous efforts to drag us all back to the past before the November 2014 elections. All in the name of hindering a president whom they have hated more and more with each successful legislative gain his administration has made, by a ragtag movement that wouldn’t even exist if John McCain had won election in 2008.

William F. Klessens


No facts behind claims about Obamacare

To the editor:

Too many of our elected representatives, both from the right and the left, make inflammatory statements without producing any factual data to support what they are saying. What those on the right, both in government and their big money supporters, have been saying about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reflects this lack of fact-based argumentation.

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