, Derry, New Hampshire


March 7, 2013

Letters to the editor


Tom Cardon is a candidate for Town Council in District 2 and deserves your vote. Tom has volunteered his personal time in various capacities over the past 20 years to advocate for the taxpayers. He has studied numerous budgets and as a private citizen has asked the questions that need to be asked. His goal is to make sure that every dollar is put to its best possible use with no waste. I know, every candidate talks about keeping the budget lean, but have you heard some of the council decisions? Tom has, and is ready to enact the change that too many people only talk about.

Tom has focused a lot of research on the development of Exit 4A. This multi-million dollar project has been on the horizon for years; it’s not always a front line issue but it’s not going to just disappear. Tom has asked more questions about the status and current funding and legal obligations than most of the sitting councilors. As a councilor he will be prepared to make sure that all of Derry’s interests are protected.

Tom does his research before he makes any decision. He knows we can’t slash the budget haphazardly, but he is acutely aware that Derry is approaching the highest tax rate in the state and he is committed to relieving us of that sad distinction. Despite all Derry has to offer, our high taxes have kept businesses away and have kept our property values lower than surrounding towns. These are among the issues Tom is prepared to address.

Three years ago Tom ran for this position and lost by one vote. Don’t think your vote doesn’t matter. The election is Tuesday, March 12. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please find a minute to make a difference this year, and if you’re in District 2, please vote for Tom Cardon.

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