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March 7, 2013

Letters to the editor


There are people who may not see or appreciate these qualities in Brenda, but it’s highly likely because she’s been right and they’ve been wrong on a particular issue. Brenda always does her research. And if by chance she is ever wrong, she’s the first to admit it.

I’ll be supporting Brenda’s reelection to the School Board once again, because I trust her to make the right decisions for the children and the town. Years ago, when Barbara Yelland, 30-year veteran of the Derry School Board, and I were still on the board together, I asked Barbara what made her stay on the board so long — how could she continue despite all the contentious discussions about funding. Her reply: “It used to be about the children.”

Brenda Willis remembers that public education is always “about the children.” Not her children, not a certain segment of children, but all Derry’s children. And that’s why I’ll continue to vote for her, Tuesday, March 14.

Grace Reisdorf


Cardon is best choice for Town Council

To the editor:

I am supporting Tom Cardon for Town Council. Tom has volunteered countless hours in community service and cares deeply about Derry. His involvement in town, school, fire, and state level issues has helped our community prosper. He is not afraid of speaking his mind and has always worked tirelessly to reduce our taxes.

Tom is also a high school teacher soon to retire and decided to become even more involved in our town. His knowledge and experience on the issues that affect us in Derry will be a tremendous asset to the Town Council.

Tom is an independent voice who is always accessible. I hope you will join me in voting for Tom Cardon on March 12.

Frank V. Sapareto

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