, Derry, New Hampshire


March 7, 2013

Letters to the editor


The town clerk’s office is a critical component of your local government. We administer dog licensing, vital records, marriage licenses and voter registration. I am the official record keeper for the Town and am responsible for the maintenance and preservation of town records. The town clerk plays a vital role in local, state and federal elections, ensuring that the process is in accordance with state and federal guidelines and that the results are accurate. The town clerk’s office serves as an information hub for citizens and as a liaison with all town departments for referrals and information requests.

With the assistance of only one part-time deputy, I have constantly strived to provide you open access and excellent customer service. I have studied the laws necessary to perform as your town clerk. I work well with the town’s management and administer my conservative budget effectively.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve another term as Derry’s town clerk. I am up for the challenge and wish to continue servicing and meeting the needs of our residents. In my tenure, I have attained many of the goals that I established for this office but wish to complete one more objective and implement a townwide system of improved document preservation and organization. I am committed to my position and to the residents of this town. I ask for your support on March 12. Thank you.

Denise Neale


Support Willis for School Board

To the editor:

My dear friend Brenda Willis is running for re-election to the Derry School Board. We met in 1986 at a mutual friend’s house. What struck me early on in our friendship was that Brenda was just as passionate about children and public education as me. We’ve been friends ever since.

There are lots of qualities that describe Brenda: She has integrity and fortitude; she is honest, ethical, persistent; she is caring, compassionate, and selfless in her desire to help others. And she has a wonderful ability to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” She always looks at an issue from every side before making a decision.

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