, Derry, New Hampshire

March 7, 2013

Letters to the editor

Derry News

---- — Say ‘no’ to increasing spending

To the editor:

In case you haven’t noticed, or just don’t care, things are out of control in this country, state and town as far as prices, and especially taxes, are concerned. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and have reached the breaking point. Some things are beyond my or your control, such as gas prices, heating costs, food and medical costs, and all of these things are hurting all of us, no matter what age we are.

There are no jobs out there to make extra money to keep up, let alone catch up or get ahead. As taxpayers in Derry, we have a chance of controlling part of our problem on March 12, when we can and must vote no to increased spending. If a majority of us show up and vote “no” on spending, we have a small chance of getting control and putting some money back into our pockets in order to pay for our essentials.

I don’t want to lose my home because most of my mortgage payment is going to cover property taxes. Our elected officials must learn to say “no” and we, as overtaxed citizens, must learn to say “no more!” Please help me, and others like me, keep our homes and not lose them to the town because we can no longer afford them.

Please go and vote “no” on March 12 to increased spending. I am learning to do more with less and the highest tax town in New Hampshire must also do the same.

Bill Ventura


Let me continue as your town clerk

To the editor:

As your present town clerk, I am asking for your vote on March 12 to continue the progress I have made over the past seven years reorganizing, upgrading and updating the operations of this office.

The town clerk’s office is a critical component of your local government. We administer dog licensing, vital records, marriage licenses and voter registration. I am the official record keeper for the Town and am responsible for the maintenance and preservation of town records. The town clerk plays a vital role in local, state and federal elections, ensuring that the process is in accordance with state and federal guidelines and that the results are accurate. The town clerk’s office serves as an information hub for citizens and as a liaison with all town departments for referrals and information requests.

With the assistance of only one part-time deputy, I have constantly strived to provide you open access and excellent customer service. I have studied the laws necessary to perform as your town clerk. I work well with the town’s management and administer my conservative budget effectively.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve another term as Derry’s town clerk. I am up for the challenge and wish to continue servicing and meeting the needs of our residents. In my tenure, I have attained many of the goals that I established for this office but wish to complete one more objective and implement a townwide system of improved document preservation and organization. I am committed to my position and to the residents of this town. I ask for your support on March 12. Thank you.

Denise Neale


Support Willis for School Board

To the editor:

My dear friend Brenda Willis is running for re-election to the Derry School Board. We met in 1986 at a mutual friend’s house. What struck me early on in our friendship was that Brenda was just as passionate about children and public education as me. We’ve been friends ever since.

There are lots of qualities that describe Brenda: She has integrity and fortitude; she is honest, ethical, persistent; she is caring, compassionate, and selfless in her desire to help others. And she has a wonderful ability to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” She always looks at an issue from every side before making a decision.

There are people who may not see or appreciate these qualities in Brenda, but it’s highly likely because she’s been right and they’ve been wrong on a particular issue. Brenda always does her research. And if by chance she is ever wrong, she’s the first to admit it.

I’ll be supporting Brenda’s reelection to the School Board once again, because I trust her to make the right decisions for the children and the town. Years ago, when Barbara Yelland, 30-year veteran of the Derry School Board, and I were still on the board together, I asked Barbara what made her stay on the board so long — how could she continue despite all the contentious discussions about funding. Her reply: “It used to be about the children.”

Brenda Willis remembers that public education is always “about the children.” Not her children, not a certain segment of children, but all Derry’s children. And that’s why I’ll continue to vote for her, Tuesday, March 14.

Grace Reisdorf


Cardon is best choice for Town Council

To the editor:

I am supporting Tom Cardon for Town Council. Tom has volunteered countless hours in community service and cares deeply about Derry. His involvement in town, school, fire, and state level issues has helped our community prosper. He is not afraid of speaking his mind and has always worked tirelessly to reduce our taxes.

Tom is also a high school teacher soon to retire and decided to become even more involved in our town. His knowledge and experience on the issues that affect us in Derry will be a tremendous asset to the Town Council.

Tom is an independent voice who is always accessible. I hope you will join me in voting for Tom Cardon on March 12.

Frank V. Sapareto


Support Seymour for town clerk

To the editor:

I would like to ask you to vote for Meg Seymour for town clerk/tax collector. The town clerk/tax collector is the most important position we have in town government. The position involves many, many responsibilities including: vehicle registrations; property tax billing; vital record keeping; elections; absentee ballot tracking; marriage licensing and numerous others.

Meg has proven herself during her 13 years as town clerk/tax collector, running the office efficiently and effectively, by knowing and understanding the laws and RSAs of our state. She is certified by the state for vehicle registration, vital records, and voter HAVA system. Meg works closely with Enterprise, Coca-Cola and other large fleet companies to ensure a quick accurate process in registering their many vehicles, bringing Londonderry a large amount of revenue.

Since 2000, I have worked alongside Meg at elections and find her to be knowledgeable, responsible and helpful. As a result of her experience and knowledge of the RSAs she does not need to stop to investigate every question about laws and regulations making the voting process, vehicle registrations, collection of tax and sewer bills run smoothly. I urge you to re-elect Meg Seymour as town clerk/tax collector to continue the success Londonderry is accustomed to. Thank you.

Cindi Rice Conley

Town Moderator


Support Cardon for Town Council

To the editor:

I’ve never understood why so few people vote in the town elections. Your Town Council and School Board members are the direct link to your tax bill. Many Derry families have to deal with a tax bill larger than a mortgage, and it never goes away. With your elected local officials right here, it’s also easier to hold them accountable, yet too many people can’t even name them. This year we have an opportunity to make a difference.

Tom Cardon is a candidate for Town Council in District 2 and deserves your vote. Tom has volunteered his personal time in various capacities over the past 20 years to advocate for the taxpayers. He has studied numerous budgets and as a private citizen has asked the questions that need to be asked. His goal is to make sure that every dollar is put to its best possible use with no waste. I know, every candidate talks about keeping the budget lean, but have you heard some of the council decisions? Tom has, and is ready to enact the change that too many people only talk about.

Tom has focused a lot of research on the development of Exit 4A. This multi-million dollar project has been on the horizon for years; it’s not always a front line issue but it’s not going to just disappear. Tom has asked more questions about the status and current funding and legal obligations than most of the sitting councilors. As a councilor he will be prepared to make sure that all of Derry’s interests are protected.

Tom does his research before he makes any decision. He knows we can’t slash the budget haphazardly, but he is acutely aware that Derry is approaching the highest tax rate in the state and he is committed to relieving us of that sad distinction. Despite all Derry has to offer, our high taxes have kept businesses away and have kept our property values lower than surrounding towns. These are among the issues Tom is prepared to address.

Three years ago Tom ran for this position and lost by one vote. Don’t think your vote doesn’t matter. The election is Tuesday, March 12. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please find a minute to make a difference this year, and if you’re in District 2, please vote for Tom Cardon.

Sandy Shapiro


Joel Olbricht is best choice

To the editor:

As a former Derry town administrator and town councilor, I understand the demands on our town councilors and the tremendous amount of time they invest in governing our town. It is no small task. We are very fortunate to have someone like Joel Olbricht who is willing to spend his time helping to make Derry a better place to live and work.

When I hear the Town Council candidates talk about the challenges of the town budget and town finances, I am convinced that Joel is the right man for the job, and that we should keep him as our councilor-at-large. As a certified public accountant with 29 years of experience, he brings vital financial expertise, budgeting experience, and cash flow analysis knowledge to the table.

Over the years, Joel has made a major commitment to his community. Locally he served four years on the Derry School Board; he is a past commissioner of the Derry Housing and Redevelopment Authority, on the New Hampshire Board of Education, as an East Derry Fire Commissioner, on the New Hampshire School Building Authority, was a member of the Southern New Hampshire Regional Planning Council, was a past president and incorporator of the Alexander-Eastman Foundation, and has given hundreds of volunteer hours to other civic organizations.

Joel has served Derry in countless ways and has a tremendous depth of experience and knowledge working with these diverse organizations. He has collaborated with hundreds of other volunteers to get the work done in a timely fashion.

What Joel brings to the Town Council is experience, common sense, patience, and an ability to work with everyone.

Please join me in voting for Joel Olbricht, councilor-at-large on Tuesday, March 12th.

Craig W. Bulkley


Re-elect Neale as town clerk

To the editor:

I wish to publicly offer my support to the re-election of Denise Neale as town clerk of Derry. For the last seven years I have worked closely with her in my position as chairman of the Heritage Commission and as your town historian. During that time I have found her to be an excellent steward of the town’s records, which go back nearly 200 years. Her help in my research into Derry’s history has been invaluable. I have many times observed her interaction with the public and have always witnessed a true professional. Her friendly, outgoing personality does much to make our municipal center a very welcoming place to come for services.

I cast no aspersions on any other candidate for this office but know that Mrs. Neale has done an excellent job as town clerk for the last seven years and deserves to be re-elected.

Richard “Rick” Holmes