, Derry, New Hampshire


April 11, 2013



At Bass Point, they were offered full use of the faculties of the sprawling hotel. Some used the time to walk through the well-landscaped grounds which went down to the rocky coast; some listened to a concert by the hotel’s eight-piece orchestra or tested their skill at the hotel’s bowling alleys — while others just sat and waited until lunch was served.

At 1:30, lunch was served in the hotel’s grand dining room where the Derry group was served a “shore dinner” of lobster, clams, oysters and corn on the cob by “pretty girl waiters.” At the end of the meal, one of the local wise guys had a waitress serve a tall glass of Frank Jones Clipper Ale to the town’s leading ultra-temperance advocate. The shocked non-drinker took the glass and held it out at arm’s length and told his “friends” that he was not used to drinking that kind of liquor with his meals and could not possibly begin at this time. Immediately, the practical joker grabbed the foaming glass from the non-drinker and personally chugged down the brew to the applause and laughter of the entire room. A reporter for the Derry News — or perhaps it was the editor — was reported to have “make himself conspicuous by having a side order served in liquid form.”

After the meal, some of the Derry men went for rides on the nearby amusement park’s roller coaster; other took a steam boat to Boston and took in a baseball game — the Red Sox beat Chicago 3-1. Still others took the advice of the representative from the Derry News and bought a ticket on the narrow gauge railroad to watch the “diving girls show” at Revere Beach. The performance consisted of a troop of young ladies in risqué — for 1911 — skin-tight bathing suits who drove into a pool and performed synchronized swimming. Later that afternoon, our business leaders were entertained by a vaudeville show.

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