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June 22, 2011

Column: State budget keeps the promises we made to the voters

Many politicians have a well earned bad reputation among the public. The reason is because they spend considerable time on the campaign trail, telling voters how they will reform government or fix problems, only to get into office and abandon those commitments quickly. Our citizens rightly get disgusted with the "say one thing, do another" approach that turns many of our neighbors away from the process entirely. Their cynicism has been well founded.

Isn't it refreshing then when a group of elected officials do exactly what they said they would do?

With the state budget that comes before the legislature this week, there is a simple theme that everyone should remember: promises made, promises kept. The New Hampshire House and Senate have delivered on the commitment we made last year to live within our means, not raise taxes and fees, stop borrowing and, where possible, target tax cuts to produce economic growth.

Our pledge to the voters was simple - that we needed to stop the out-of-control growth in Concord that was threatening the New Hampshire Advantage and eating into the wallets of our residents. The 25-percent spending increase over the past two budgets, fueled by over 100 tax and fee increases, was destroying the low-tax, limited-government environment that makes our state special and differentiates us from the rest of the states around us.

The voters heard this message and elected a supermajority of representatives who support a smaller, more efficient state government that does what working families across New Hampshire are doing right now; finding ways to do more with less and making the tough decisions to get their spending under control. Our citizens deserve a budget that works as hard as they do to tighten their belts, and that's just what they have received from their legislature.

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