, Derry, New Hampshire


August 15, 2013



They seriously float the idea of not raising the debt ceiling even though it would mean that the U.S. will not be able to pay bills it already owes. That would be a clear signal to our trading partners and the rest of the world that we are fiscally unreliable and certainly not to be taken seriously as a world leader.

The negative effect on the global financial system of having the country that has been central to the world economy fail to pay its bills is hard to overstate; it could make our recent recession look like a walk in the park.

Shutting down the government would undoubtedly have the effect of slowing down the economy as it will stop all the economic activity of the government—lots of public sector employees out of work, private contractor work and payments stopped, truly an economic mess.

How can a political party that claims it wants create jobs through economic growth actually push for actions that would depress the economy and cost jobs? Easy — the whole right wing position is to destroy the government and somehow miraculously the market place will just make everything OK.

This is all of a piece with a record number of Senate filibusters and, in the House a refusal to bring legislation like the President’s jobs proposal to the floor for discussion and a vote. Make no mistake, the slow recovery isn’t because the president got things wrong. It’s because the Tea Party Republicans have refused to even debate, much less vote on, taking steps to provide jobs, support research, fix our infrastructure, and on and on.

The Republican avoidance of participation in governing is tearing apart the substance of our democratic system and threatens the economic viability of the country.

Robert Wilkinson


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