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December 27, 2012

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Schools need

armed security

To the Editor:

The recent tragedy at a Connecticut school shooting points out the need for stronger security measures to help prevent or mitigate loss of life at our schools.

The emergency plans implemented at schools can minimize injuries and deaths, but cannot prevent them when confronted with determined shooters. Buzzers, cameras, identification cards and sign-in books will not stop shooters from forcibly entering schools.

One security measure that could counter the actions of shooters is the presence of armed security officers in every school. Granted, the killers might try to shoot the officers first, but the killers could be focused on shooting the students and teachers, and the officers could take out the shooters.

Another possibility would be to have trained administrators with weapons available to them in a locked and secure location.

Mentally competent people and non-felons may purchase weapons in accordance with the Second Amendment of our Constitution, which allows citizens to bear arms, and this right should continue.

However, should ordinary citizens, like the Newtown shooter, be allowed to purchase a bulletproof vest? The purchase of bulletproof vests should be a huge tipoff on the purchaser planning a shooting.

We need armed school security officers.

Donald A. Moskowitz


Leaders need

to stop the violence

To the Editor:

Twenty kindergarten children dead. Six teachers. Every parent’s nightmare has now become a reality for one small community and for the country as a whole.

This is indeed a dark day across our nation. When will something be done to ban assault rifles? Why do gun rights advocates insist on easy access to weapons that make mass killings so easy?

They say it is not the guns that kill, but the people. Yet more and more disturbed individuals gain access to these deadly weapons.

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