, Derry, New Hampshire


September 20, 2012

Letters to the editor

Hassan is right choice for governor

To the editor:

I am very pleased that Maggie Hassan will be the Democratic candidate for governor of New Hampshire, running against Ovide Lamontagne.

Maggie is a sensible centrist and a New Hampshire leader in the mold of governors like John Lynch and Jeanne Shaheen. She will work to manage our state in a fiscally responsible way while protecting freedom of choice and other values that are so important to us. As a state senator, she has worked to balance the state budget and she understands the workings of state government.

Her opponent, Ovide Lamontagne, is a perennial candidate having first run for governor 16 years ago. His only experience in state government was his controversial tenure with the New Hampshire Board of Education, where he led a fight to reject federal funds because of the “strings attached” — even though no one could tell us what those strings were as there were none. His personal social agenda includes banning all abortions including in cases of rape and incest, destroying marriage equality, diverting public dollars to private schools, and bringing the teaching of creationism into our schools.

I hope that in the time between now and Nov. 6, you have the opportunity to meet Sen. Hassan and listen to her plans to move New Hampshire forward. I have no doubt that when you do, you will be on her side.

Bob Spiegelman


Helping others is the American way

To the editor:

My tax rate is more than twice Mitt Romney’s but I am not complaining. I have never been on welfare but I have received a lot of help. I went to the public school system in New York City and received an excellent education including arts, music and sports (I was on the math team).

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