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December 5, 2013

Letters to the editor

Grateful for soupkitchen’s help

To the editor:

Thanksgiving Day 2013 may be over with the turkey and all the fixings at the table. Though every day is Thanksgiving Day in my opinion.

I am speaking for myself and many others who are thankful for the Sonshine Soup Kitchen.

Every day there are many groups and volunteers that are there, to be there for us whether it is a hot or cold meal, socialization with our friends and fellowship with other people as through our weekly Bible studies.

Usually, there is stuff, whether it’s fruit or vegetables on the side tables, or personal care items, clothes.

The most important people to care for us are the staff, because if it was not for them, there would be many of us that would go hungry and not just for food, but social networking,

Beth Farley


Don’t allow smokingin public parks

To the editor:

It’s too bad we have to spend time coming up with rules about smoking. For the life of me, I can’t understand how someone making a poor life choice somehow thinks they have the right to impose that poor life choice on others.

It’s not like we haven’t had 50 years of warnings from the surgeon general that smoking poses a very real and present danger to those exposed. Doesn’t anyone see the irony in coming up with a “smoking section” to a public park where kids play? Really? There is absolutely no reason a smoker should have the right to smoke within vicinity of a non-smoker, period. When I drive my daughter to school and see the number of teenagers smoking just off school grounds, I ask: “Why doesn’t someone do something to help these kids break this behavior before it destroys their life?”

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