, Derry, New Hampshire

October 11, 2012

Letters to the editor

Derry News

---- — New trade deal could hurt our companies

To the editor:

The Obama administration is currently negotiating another free-trade agreement, which will increase the likelihood of awarding federal contracts to foreign companies located on the Pacific Rim. Countries in Southeast Asia will benefit by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), add jobs, while the U.S. could lose more manufacturing jobs.

If the TPP is approved by Congress, a provision in the agreement will ban “Buy American” requirements in federal government contracts. Over the past 80 years, U.S. companies have received needed help in securing federal contracts due to “Buy American” provisions stipulated in the contracts.

In 2011, the Obama administration supported three so called fair-trade agreements originally negotiated by the Bush administration. The policies of Bush and Obama have strengthened manufacturing operations in foreign countries and have led to the movement of U.S. jobs overseas. The TPP agreement would mean the U.S. could eliminate any tariffs on goods from the Asia-Pacific countries, which could cost more U.S. manufacturing jobs.

We have to make it more attractive for U.S. companies to keep jobs in this country. Maybe then we will decrease unemployment from over 8 percent to a more respectable 4 percent level and decrease our trade deficits with foreign countries.

Donald A. Moskowitz


Obama’s ‘tax cuts’ are a shell game

To the editor:

One of the phony “tax cuts” Obama “gave” us actually reduces the amount of money put into Social Security, a program already stressed. How will we make that up — with higher taxes later? And Obama’s health care plan will steal over $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare! Are we to believe that paying for this by reducing payments to doctors and hospitals will improve health care? Both these programs are ones we pay into. We deserve to have real reforms — not “shell games.”

Mitt Romney plans to allow more flexibility and make health care more efficient by allowing purchase of health plans across state lines, a stop to frivolous medical lawsuits, and better fraud prevention. He also plans new options (“choices”) for investment of Social Security funds collected to improve the below-market returns now obtained.

These are solutions we need to problems Obama has just avoided. And if you don’t believe this, wait until you see your paychecks — for those who have them — in 2014! We need Romney!

Elizabeth Thomas


Vote to make education a priority

To the editor:

Our children’s educational opportunities are under attack in New Hampshire. This election could result in a severe impact to public education and to the career opportunities of our youth.

The extreme leadership in the New Hampshire House attempted to abolish kindergarten. There is no reason to believe that they won’t try again next session. They did succeed in cutting funding for our state colleges and universities. New Hampshire was already last in the nation in per capita funding for public higher education. If the state doubled its support, we would still be ranked last. The cut was the largest percentage cut (49 percent) in our state’s history. This will ultimately raise tuition costs for thousands of students.

What does this mean for New Hampshire’s future? According to the American Community Survey, New Hampshire already ranks fourth from the bottom of native-born New Hampshire citizens holding bachelor’s degrees. These devastating cuts will mean that access to higher education will become even more limited. It seems the right-wing extremists in charge of our New Hampshire legislature are steamrolling the state toward the absolute bottom of the list. Move over, Mississippi. Make room for New Hampshire.

This same extremist legislature cut cigarette taxes by 10 cents per pack at the expense of our youth’s educational opportunities. And they downshifted educational costs to local communities. That means higher property taxes for Derry residents. At a time when funds are slim, they have made it more difficult for Derry citizens to stay in their homes..

Where are their priorities? Our youth? The Derry property owners? Or their political agendas?

This is not the New Hampshire way. If you are concerned about our youth and our future as a state, cast your vote for Betsy Burtis, Bobby Jones, and Mary Till on Nov. 6. They will restore reason and moderation to the Statehouse and will work to ensure that all New Hampshire citizens have access to affordable education. They will stop downshifting state responsibilities to the homeowners of Derry.

Mary Eisner