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October 3, 2013

Editorial: Top teacher brings honor to Pinkerton


“He doesn’t always act like a teacher,” 14-year-old freshman Sarah Rickershause told Huss. “He brings a lot of fun.”

Freshman Derek Wilson said Lee is “brilliant.”

“He teaches things and ties it in with real world things,” Wilson said.

Congratulations to Lee on his outstanding achievement and best of luck in the National Teacher of the Year competition.

False alarms could bring fines

In Londonderry, the Fire Department is concerned that it is chasing too many false alarms. It’s dangerous as well as tedious: If firefighters are tied up on a false alarm call, that could delay their response to an actual fire.

So the department wants a new town ordinance that would assess a fine for excessive false alarms.

In the ordinance under consideration by the Town Council, the fee would be $50 for four or more false alarms; an excess of six false calls and the fee jumps to $100.

The Londonderry Fire Department answered 267 false alarms in 2013. The new ordinance could make that number drop drastically.

“We could maybe drop the percentage of calls by 80 percent,” said Brian Johnson, division chief of fire prevention. “I would be happy to cut that number in half.”

A fee for excessive false alarms is a good idea that would encourage proper maintenance and monitoring of alarm systems. The Town Council should enact the ordinance.

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