, Derry, New Hampshire


October 3, 2013

Letters to the editor


At the end of the challenge, I had some tuna, soup, eggs and cereal left over. Had I not bought in bulk to get the sale prices, perhaps some breakfast juice or cookies would have made it in my cart. Had I been on the program for a month, more variety would have been possible. But never would I have been able to buy the fresh meat and vegetables I am used to eating. The grocery I used to get the best prices was 10 miles round trip from my home. If I had purchased similar items at the convenience store within walking distance, it would have cost approximately $54.

Relatively speaking, I am a small woman. An adult male or a teenage boy would have easily consumed twice the amount of food I did and still be craving a Big Mac. Anyone who believes a person on the SNAP program is living high off the hog, should try it for a week.

State Rep. Mary Till


Prejudice drives opposition to president

To the editor:

Most Americans of whatever political affiliation are proud of our country even though their reasons for that pride may differ. I’m particularly proud that we have a country governed by laws that are arrived at by elected representatives, not by force. And that over time those laws, reflecting the attitudes of the majority, have consistently moved in the direction of supporting the rights of a diverse population, overcoming legal discrimination and creating an atmosphere for at least reducing societal prejudice—against blacks, women, Jews, homosexuals, and more.

But, sad to say, prejudice still exists and, in my view, is on display in a large portion of the opposition to the president. The whole “birther” foolishness has no basis other than the facts of the president’s skin color and “different” name.

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