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November 15, 2012

Letters to the editor



Nation rejected rotten GOP ideas

To the editor:

Around the country, women and families spoke up to the Republican Party’s intent to turn back the clock on women’s privacy in regards to health care and family planning. Speaking of undoing union gains likely had the same bring-out-the-vote effect. Some ideas are just plain rotten. People get that.

Monday before voting day I was in Manchester for my car’s winter maintenance. In the waiting room a young woman spoke regarding the television news saying, “I’m not much for following politics. But if it weren’t for Planned Parenthood’s health care, I wouldn’t have known I had ovarian cancer and had it taken care of.” She was voting against Republicans the next day.

Granny D talked about the politics of greed and the politics of love. Greed must include greed-for-power. Let’s ask that our new legislators actually prefer loving their state and country and the people within, letting go of ego-building associations with power.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


Take time to enjoy Thanksgiving, family

To the editor:

I know that there are Christmas commercials starting to play, now that the election is over, on every channel, and my friends are starting to absentmindedly hum “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” now and again, but I’m just not ready for the Christmas season. Don’t get me wrong: I love Christmas. It’s easily my second-favorite holiday. It’s just that Christmas always seems to overshadow my very favorite holiday: Thanksgiving.

Christmas is great with all the presents and decorating and snow, but there’s just something so magical, so all-American, about devoting an entire day to eating with your family. Thanksgiving is so much easier than Christmas, too. Between the madness of this whole election season and the stress that comes with the holiday season, I am really looking forward to being able to take a day off, maybe wear my pajamas for most of the day, and just hang out and gorge myself on delicious food with my family.

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