, Derry, New Hampshire


March 21, 2013

Letters to the editor


I would also like to thank Joel Olbricht and David Milz for their contributions to the town of Derry.

My sincere thanks go to all the people that I talked to during my campaign. I appreciated all the people that took time to open their doors and talk to me while I was campaigning. I listened and took notice. My apology goes to those whom I may have interrupted during their busy weekend.

The No. 1 issue that almost everyone talked about was taxes. They didn’t ask for better roads, newer infrastructure or more money for the town. They asked for a break on our escalating taxes. As a town councilor elect, I feel that I was elected to work on controlling our property tax. Everyone agrees that taxes are too high but nobody is doing anything about it except talking and spending more money. The time to address taxes is now.

Once again, I thank everyone who worked on my campaign and those who had the confidence to vote for me. I will work hard to get our taxes under control and make Derry a better place to live.

Tom Cardon


I’m ready to work for you

To the editor:

I offer the people of Derry my sincerest and most humble thanks for their support, kindness, and votes during the recent election season.

On Election Day you spoke loudly — and your voices were heard crystal clear. You asked for responsive and fiscally responsible government. As your councilor-at-large, I will work to meet your demands and will strive to once again make Derry an affordable place to live.

In the weeks and months to come, budgets will be reviewed and hard (but necessary) decisions will be made. Transparency will be the rule, rather than the exception. Accessibility to your Town Council will be a must rather than a maybe.

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