, Derry, New Hampshire


March 21, 2013

Letters to the editor

Drivers, take care in residential areas

To the editor:

On the night of Sunday, March 10 our family’s much loved black Labrador Casey was struck by a vehicle in front of our house on the very quiet cul de sac of Woodbine Drive in Londonderry. The driver left the scene without trying to help her or trying to alert anyone. We found her there within a very short time, as she had just been let out for a few minutes before bed. She died in our arms on the way to the emergency clinic.

Casey was loved by everyone who knew her. She made many friends all over town, as she loved her daily hikes at Mack’s Orchards and the Musquatch. She never met anyone she didn’t like, and had an exuberance for life. We are just heartbroken from this loss.

Casey was well trained to stay in the yard and we will never know why somehow she was in the road that night. It is a well lit, straight section of road in a residential area. A driver would have to be either impaired or distracted (texting perhaps?) to not see her there.

I’m writing this in hope that some good could come from our tragedy. Please, if you are driving in a residential area, drive slowly and pay attention! Someone’s beloved pet, or God forbid, a child could be around the next corner.

And if you are the coward that left Casey there on the side of the road, scared and dying, shame on you.

Marilyn Mariano


Taxes are top issue for Derry council

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Derry for electing me to the Town Council. Numerous people helped me on my campaign and I am very grateful for their support. Special thanks go to Sandy Shapiro, Kevin Coyle, Frank Sapareto, Janet Fairbanks, Carl Accardo and Mark Osborne. A very special thanks goes to Judi O’Hara for all her work and support.

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