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February 7, 2013

Letters to the editor

There are rules on use of Weber Forest

To the editor:

As citizens of Derry we are fortunate to have land acquired through grants, donations, purchases and gifts to enjoy the out of doors. These lands provide recreation for people and habitat for our flora, fauna and wildlife.

The Derry Conservation Commission (DCC) oversees many of these parcels. Protecting and preserving these areas requires assistance from all who live near and use these lands. One way to do this is by becoming a land steward. These are volunteers who periodically walk the lands, report their findings to the DCC and assist with trail maintenance. Anyone interested in becoming a land steward is invited to contact the DCC or the Go Green Committee. You may go to the websites for the Town of Derry and under that the DCC or

This letter calls for protection of one particular parcel, Weber Forest, because many abuses of this land occur. The Weber Forest is a parcel of about 240 acres and is accessed off Drew Road from Jackman Road, the woods trail across from North Shore Road, or the State of New Hampshire recreation trail which crosses Warner Hill Road. Protecting and preserving the forest requires knowledge of permitted uses and reporting of violations to the CC or police. Permitted uses and non-permitted uses are described below.

Weber Town Forest uses and restrictions: This property is managed by the DCC and a professional state forester. The uses are to provide forest products, improve wildlife habitat and natural recreational opportunities. ATVs are not allowed anywhere in Weber Forest. Snowmobiles are allowed on Sheldon Road and the state recreation trail. Weber Forest use allows hiking, cross country skiing, nature appreciation, horseback riding, hunting and fishing. Hunting licenses are required for anyone aged 16 and over.

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