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February 28, 2013

Letters to the editor

Thanks for support of soup kitchen

To the editor:

The Sonshine Soup Kitchen is blessed to have the faithful support of the Greater Derry Track Club. We thank them for selecting the Sonshine Soup Kitchen to receive a portion of the monies raised through their annual “Turkey Trot” road race. We are grateful for their donation of $2,250 presented to us in January and wish to thank the organizers and participants of this event.

The Sonshine Soup Kitchen operates solely on donations. This donation will go a long way to help prepare the 60 meals we serve daily. It is vital to our mission to have the continued support of the entire community. We are grateful that the Greater Derry Track Club is committed to helping provide that support.

Please keep the soup kitchen and our guests in your thoughts and prayers.

Cynthia Dwyer

Executive Director

Sonshine Soup Kitchen


Tax rate depends on your vote

To the editor:

This letter is an attempt to reach out to the 19,000 registered voters in Derry. On Tuesday, March 12, there will be a town election in Derry. This year the stakes are high. Derry is on course to having the highest tax rate in New Hampshire. Not just Southern New Hampshire, but the entire state. Voter apathy has brought this to our door. Historically speaking, fewer than 10 percent of our registered voters vote in local elections. Why is that? Why do the other 90 percent of Derry’s voters allow a certain group of people to determine their tax rate, their financial future?

To those who do not vote: You can no longer afford to sit home and complain about your local government and your local School Board that have complete control over your local tax rate, unless you get out to vote. Do not whine when your property tax bill is due three weeks before Christmas thereby ruining your celebration plans of this holy day. Do not whine that you cannot afford to pay your tax bill and the Town of Derry places a lien on your house until your tax bill is paid in full with interest, and if you cannot pay the back taxes the Town of Derry takes possession of your home. Do not whine to me when you see me in the grocery store how you can no longer afford to buy this or that because Derry’s tax rate is so high. My first question from now on will be “did you vote in the local election?” And if the answer is no, then I no longer want to hear your complaints.

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