, Derry, New Hampshire


June 27, 2013

Editorial: Keep the heat on PSNH


“I think the unreliable performance and service is becoming remarkable,” Dolan said.

He’s right.

Communication has improved over the last few years, but extended outages continue to be the norm in Londonderry. To its credit, the town has gotten much better about communicating with residents during fierce storms, and PSNH has improved, too.

But going four, five, even seven days without power is unacceptable during a harsh New Hampshire winter.

PSNH officials appeared before the Town Council last week to provide an overview of the work being done in Londonderry and its efforts to improve service and communication.

It’s a start.

A PSNH representative told councilors the utility has spent $4.3 million in the southern region, 37 percent of that in Londonderry. Much more work is planned.

That’s all fine and dandy if it improves service and reduces outages. But there’s a reason such a hefty share of the money spent has been spent in Londonderry: It has one of the worst outage records in the region.

Customers pay for electricity and when the lights go out, they want to know why and when power will be restored. They should expect no less.

Dolan and other town officials are right to demand answers from PSNH and they should keep the heat on throughout the summer.

A “we’re trying” response isn’t good enough; PSNH needs to do better.

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