, Derry, New Hampshire

June 27, 2013


Derry News

---- — Derry doesn’t need Dumpster Depot

To the editor:

The town of Derry has before the Planning Board a plan to build a Dumpster Depot on Ashleigh Drive. The residents of Derry need to know about this and voice their strong objections. This plan will “dump” 350 orange Dumpsters in an area of Derry that the town has worked very hard on the last few years to make a welcoming presence.

The new Panera Bread and movie theater have the potential to now have Dumpster Depot as their neighbor. This plan, although technically on Ashleigh Drive, also abuts several residential areas of town, including Olde County Estates, Donmac Drive and Scobie Pond Rd. Every neighbor is opposed to the project, and the troubles it will bring not only to our neighborhood but also to the town as well. More than 100 residents have already signed a petition to keep the Dumpster Depot out. It is not the right location for this type of business.

The area in question is zoned Industrial 3. In Derry, Industrial 3 lists accepted uses as manufactured industries, warehouse and wholesale uses, professional offices uses, public utilities, machinery and transportation equipment, sales and service repair, contractor yards, etc. This business does not fall into any of these categories and should be denied on this basis alone. When asked where this business falls into under Industrial 3, the residents were not given a clear answer.

When I purchased my home in Derry in 1995, the land around my property was zoned residential. In 1997, the zoning was changed to industrial without notification to the abutters. Now we are faced with the possibility of having 350 Dumpsters sitting 800 feet behind our property — property that we take extreme pride in and have worked hard over the years to make a home we are very proud of.

The town of Derry has worked very hard over the last few years to create a TIF district in this area and present the area in a clean and friendly environment. Do we want residents of Derry to drive in that area now and see this eyesore? 350 Dumpsters near a cinema, grocery store and restaurants?

The environmental impact is certainly another major factor. There are several areas of wetlands in that area that have already been compromised. A Dumpster full of residue from lead, asbestos and whatever other chemicals may have been dumped could have serious impact on our drinking water. We have been told by the owner that the Dumpsters are not cleaned, just emptied. Many of my neighbors are on well water. What impact will this have on our health and well being? Asbestos never breaks down, and you cannot see it.

These Dumpsters could hold traces of this or any other type of dangerous chemical. This business has no benefit to the town and will not lower our taxes. It will not bring new jobs, and it will certainly lower the property values of the many abutters. It will create an eyesore in the newly developed Route 28 area.

I urge the town of Derry to do the right thing and deny the plan.

Brenda and Bruce Wilson


Planning Board must stick with conditions

To the editor:

Well, the Planning Board held a meeting on Wednesday, June 19, to finally decide on this catastrophic plan. After the public forum and questions from the community and “answers” from David Paul, owner of Dumpster Depot, the board took its vote and voted for this abomination, 7 to 2. It was very disheartening. They did, however, impose several conditions. Paul objected to a couple. Let me tell you why.

One condition was putting up fencing and water testing. Paul did not want to meet that condition as it was not “required by DES.” However, it was stated by a panel member that we were dealing with the Town of Derry and its people, who first and foremost, should be considered.

Paul also did not like the fact that no full trash containers were to be returned to the site. Paul has said in past meetings and this meeting, that they do not store full containers, only empty ones. However, some containers may be returned to the site if the transfer facility was closed. So which is it – are there full containers or not?

Paul does not have to install a sprinkler system, yet an agenda item before us required that the applicant install a sprinkler system in a home he was building. The builder did not want to. due the cost. But the Planning Board chose not to grant his request.

However, Paul doesn’t have to install a sprinkler system, which is odd, since he is dealing with trucks, trash, and other possibly flammable materials on a daily basis. So, if his building is engulfed in flames, we just wait for the fire department to get there, I suppose. In the meantime, our nearby homes may suffer the possibility of wind shifts and flames carrying over to our properties (and whatever few trees remain).

Paul had stated at previous meetings that the days of operation were Monday-Friday. Now we found out that he plans to be open on Saturday until 1 p.m. That’s news to us. He stated the he starts up his vehicles at 5:30 a.m. Imagine how nice would it be to wake up to the sounds of diesel engines in the morning.

He was against water testing biannually. It was modified to once a year and he still balked, saying it wasn’t a DES requirement. Well, it’s our requirement. We live there, those of us on wells drink that water, our children play in that water, we cook with it, we wash with it. Paul doesn’t. He can lock up his business and go home at 5 p.m., or did he say 6:30 p.m. or maybe it was 8 p.m.? The closing time kept changing so I’m confused. But we all look forward to hearing the trucks while we are enjoying dinner. I mean, who wouldn’t?

I hope the Planning Board does what is right for the community and does not modify the conditions in Paul’s favor. One member stated that this whole episode was a public relations nightmare. It will be more of a nightmare if the community and neighborhood’s needs are not taken into consider above those of Dumpster Depot, which has no place where it is proposed to build. Maybe it’s zoned for this type of business, but it does not belong there.

The next meeting is Aug. 21 at the Municipal Building, third floor, at 7 p.m. We want to call on members of the community to come out and show your support.

Susan Salvaggio


Thanks for supporting Londonderry track

To the editor:

As the school year and the spring athletic seasons wrap up, a very heartfelt thank you is due to the Londonderry community for all their support of the track and field teams at Londonderry High School.

Once again, the teams were able to host quality regular season home meets, the Londonderry Track and Field Invitational Meet and the State Meet of Champions at a first-rate facility with first-class officiating and support services.

Unlike most other sports where officials are hired, our meets are dependent upon numerous volunteers to cover the various track and field events offered to the athletes. For a meet as prestigious and large as the Meet of Champions, as many as 80 people needed to step forward to help. Students, parents and friends of track and field alike gave their time and best effort to make everything go well.

Our gratitude goes out to all who made each meet go off without a hitch, providing optimal conditions for athletes to perform their best. We especially appreciate the assistance we received from our custodial staff, led by Charlie Wilton; our grounds crew, led by John Dalrymple; our athletic director Howard Sobolov; and our Cross Country and Track and Field Boosters Club led by their president Sandy Lagueux.

The whole Londonderry community has been extremely supportive of our athletes, events and activities whether it be providing facilities, volunteering time or stopping in to support a car wash. We want the community to know we truly value your effort and you have our deepest appreciation.

Suzanne M. Johnson

Londonderry High School

Girls track and field coach