, Derry, New Hampshire


June 27, 2013


Derry doesn’t need Dumpster Depot

To the editor:

The town of Derry has before the Planning Board a plan to build a Dumpster Depot on Ashleigh Drive. The residents of Derry need to know about this and voice their strong objections. This plan will “dump” 350 orange Dumpsters in an area of Derry that the town has worked very hard on the last few years to make a welcoming presence.

The new Panera Bread and movie theater have the potential to now have Dumpster Depot as their neighbor. This plan, although technically on Ashleigh Drive, also abuts several residential areas of town, including Olde County Estates, Donmac Drive and Scobie Pond Rd. Every neighbor is opposed to the project, and the troubles it will bring not only to our neighborhood but also to the town as well. More than 100 residents have already signed a petition to keep the Dumpster Depot out. It is not the right location for this type of business.

The area in question is zoned Industrial 3. In Derry, Industrial 3 lists accepted uses as manufactured industries, warehouse and wholesale uses, professional offices uses, public utilities, machinery and transportation equipment, sales and service repair, contractor yards, etc. This business does not fall into any of these categories and should be denied on this basis alone. When asked where this business falls into under Industrial 3, the residents were not given a clear answer.

When I purchased my home in Derry in 1995, the land around my property was zoned residential. In 1997, the zoning was changed to industrial without notification to the abutters. Now we are faced with the possibility of having 350 Dumpsters sitting 800 feet behind our property — property that we take extreme pride in and have worked hard over the years to make a home we are very proud of.

The town of Derry has worked very hard over the last few years to create a TIF district in this area and present the area in a clean and friendly environment. Do we want residents of Derry to drive in that area now and see this eyesore? 350 Dumpsters near a cinema, grocery store and restaurants?

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