, Derry, New Hampshire


April 17, 2014

Letters to the editor

Councilor is generous with taxpayer money

To the editor:

Why is it that some councilors who claim to be “cheapskates” are eager to spend our hard earn money when they take advantage of tax breaks themselves and pay only a pittance in property taxes? Councilor Al Dimmock has proposed an increase in the veteran credit that the town provides for our veterans. Currently, the town of Derry allows qualifying veterans a credit of $300 of their property taxes. The “cheapskate” (not my nickname for him but his own) councilor wants to increase the credit to $400 and while I myself do not have a problem with the increase, I am upset that this councilor who pays only $1,783 a year for a two-family home he resides in where the taxpayers are subsidizing $3,935 per year for Dimmock and his tenant(s).

Just so everyone knows that anytime a veteran’s credit or elderly credit is given, the town “shifts” this to the other taxpayers to pay. The amount of overall taxes the town collects just doesn’t disappear. So, the amounts of tax dollars does not go away, it just gets spread amongst the rest of the taxpayers to pay and in Derry we all know that our taxes are high enough. Young families that are struggling to make ends meet may have to pay more, seniors who are on fixed incomes that do not qualify for an exemption will pay more, and this is the reality of increases in exemptions and tax credits do on the majority of homeowners.

Please know that I am a very big supporter of our veterans and would love to give them more than the maximum the state allows ($500) for sure, however, one must balance this with the other taxpayers demands on everyday people who maybe struggling to make a living. What gets me upset is that Councilor Al Dimmock is the one who gets a taxpayers subsidy and is the councilor asking other taxpayers to pay more.

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