, Derry, New Hampshire


April 10, 2014

Letters to the editor

Derry needs leader to move town forward

To the editor:

What qualifications might Mr. Coyle have that would put him at the top of the list of experienced and knowledgeable town managers in New England? Mr. Coyle is the full-time police prosecutor for the town of Londonderry, where the 2012 town budget showed his salary at $80,960. In addition, he holds the elected position of Rockingham County Commissioner, which pays $22,000.00 annually. Mr. Coyle is on the public dole for $103,000.00 a year.

If I recall correctly, during the race for the county commissioner, Mr. Coyle remarked that $20K was too much money for the position, I wonder, has he refused any of his paychecks? (They voted for a 10 percent raise after he was elected.)

Outside his public service, Mr. Coyle has a private law practice, owns a real estate development company and a used car business.

Mr. Coyle is just days outside the Derry Town Charter rule which states that, “Former members of the Town Council shall not be eligible for appointment as a compensated town officer or employee until one year after the expiration of their service.”

Mr. Coyle preached from the dais for six years about the “smell test;” surely, this does not pass the test.

The Derry Town Charter reads: “The Administrator need not be a resident of the Town or of the State of New Hampshire at the time of appointment. The Administrator shall devote full time to the office and shall not hold any other public office, elective or appointive, except as authorized by this Charter, nor engage in any other business or occupation unless with the approval of the majority of the Town Council.”

Is Mr. Coyle prepared to put aside all of his extracurricular activities? The Town Council has not permitted any recent town administrators the privilege of any outside work. Let’s think back a few years to Mr. Coyle’s remarks and actions as a member of the Town Council regarding Mr. Stenhouse’s holding the position of Rochester Police Commissioner.

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