, Derry, New Hampshire

December 20, 2012


Derry News

---- — “How do you think Santa Claus gets into your house on Christmas Eve?

“If someone doesn’t have a chimney, he uses his magic to be very quiet.”

Bryce DeCosta, 6

“I can’t even hear him, not even one sound. We have a chimney and he uses it very quietly.”

Olivia Hammond, 6

“I think he goes through the slider door because we don’t have a chimney.”

Billy Toto, 7

“He goes down the chimney. If it’s blocked or if there is a fire, he goes in the door.”

Danielle Higgins, 6

“I don’t have a chimney. I think he has a magical key that opens every single house in the world.”

Sami Eldib, 6