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March 20, 2014

Letters to the editor

Conservatives just want what’s best

To the editor:

Conservatives want the very best for everyone. We want people to be free, happy, healthy, independent, safe, financially secure, and to feel they are leading lives of accomplishment by providing for their families and contributing to others. These blessings are enabled and fostered by conservative policies.

Everyone applauds Bono’s humanitarian efforts in Africa. Bono realized that only capitalism can end poverty. “Aid is just a stop-gap, commerce (and) entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid.” This is true everywhere.

Conservative policies encourage investment, commerce, and a growing economy because they create jobs allowing people to escape poverty and pursue their dreams.

Conservative policies are best for children. Delaying parenthood until after marriage, education, and employment provides the best opportunity for nurturing children, financial security, and happiness. Conservatives promote school choice; the purpose of education funding is to educate children, not to support school systems.

Conservatives promote adherence to the Constitution because each American deserves equal treatment by government and the freedom to pursue his or her happiness (unless they hurt others) including to fail, to try again, to spend their time and money as they wish, to speak freely, etc.

Conservatives want to help the truly needy. But, for many able-bodied people, welfare is not a safety net, but a hammock that is difficult to get out of, locking people in welfare and stealing their future successes. “Welfare lock” produces votes for “generous” politicians who fake compassion while pursuing their political goals rather than the policies that truly help people, i.e., jobs.

Decades of lies about conservatives have enabled progressive political victories that have been disastrous for our country and the American people. Progressive policies stifle job creation, stealing opportunities for job seekers.

Progressive spending policies (i.e., spending to buy votes, reward supporters, and obtain personal benefits) have created most of our nation’s $17 trillion debt and promised $100 trillion of unfunded pension and other benefits. These debts will be paid by our children, grandchildren and future generations, who are being treated as economic slaves to benefit today’s politicians.

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