, Derry, New Hampshire


January 2, 2014

Editorial: Towns must manage growth well


The Woodmont development itself as it progresses will add needed tax revenue to town coffers. So, too, could a carefully planned use of developable land near the airport.

Stuart Arnett of the Concord-based Arnett Development Group in October suggested to the Town Council a plan to establish a tax-increment financing district on Pettengill Road. The plan could open up 1,000 acres to development and potentially result in 10,000 jobs.

Smith said Londonderry is losing out to other towns that take a more aggressive approach to development.

“The longer we wait, the more opportunities we’ll miss out on,” he said.

Londonderry needs business growth to survive and thrive. At the same time, currently residents don’t want to lose the small town they love.

Finding the right balance will take considerable skill on the part of town leaders.

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