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January 2, 2014

Letters to the editor


I work at the middle school and listen to the students rehearse day after day for their concerts. I’ve seen the joy on their faces as they are successful in their performances and the sadness in the realization that it was impossible for them to be seen because they were blocked by the SRO crowd.

The middle school does a wonderful job in timing the concerts so that one group will arrive as another is leaving. This can make for some interesting traffic patterns, but when the audience hears the students play or sing the traffic is forgotten. Imagine the comfort of a stadium seat, perfectly spaced so that people can pass in front of you and your toes are not in peril. Imagine acoustics that bring the music to life. Imagine the students on the stage, under the lights, with the conductor raising the baton. This doesn’t happen in a gym.

There is an auditorium committee that is exploring ideas, designs and timing of the auditorium. If you are tired of sitting in the bleachers, please let the committee know, or the School Board, or the Town Council. Any auditorium that is built will be a community auditorium, no matter where it is. There are many more groups that would use it besides the elementary, middle and high school bands, choruses and orchestra. Theater groups within the schools and community would want to use it. Dance troupes, lecturers, comedians and others would make the auditorium a valuable part of this community. When is the right time for an auditorium? How about now?

Mary Wing Soares


Taxpayers can’t afford employee luncheon

To the editor:

Thank you for your recent editorial titled “Don’t honor employees by shutting out customers.” I am glad that you agree that it is not good business for the Derry Municipal Center to be closed during normal business hours.

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