, Derry, New Hampshire


February 6, 2014

Column: There is relief for the stressed out among us


Winter tends to bring out the dumb in many of us. A few days after a recent snowstorm, I spotted a driver who thought it was OK to drive a motorized igloo. The entire upper portion of his car was encased in snow, save for a tiny opening on his windshield and one in the rear.

This man decided to risk life and limb -- his and others — to get to his destination faster when a two-minute workout with an old broom would have been the intelligent thing to do.

The morning after another snowstorm, I spotted two SUVs upended, with police and rescue vehicles close by. It’s one thing for motorists in a city like Atlanta to freak out and then spin out on icy highways. It’s quite another for hardy New Englanders, used to snowy conditions, to drive too fast and wind up impersonating a turtle on its back.

Leave a little earlier. Slow down. Steer clear of drivers who seem hell-bent for a face-plant in a snow bank.

Not that winter is the only stupid season. I’ve noticed many a Corolla packed high and tight with enough beach gear for an Annette Funicello movie, all held down with one bungee cord. All in the name of saving a few minutes’ wait at the Sagamore Bridge.

At the end of the Time article, the author writes how the MBSR workshop has made a small but lasting impact: “I’ve started wearing a watch, which has cut in half the number of times a day I look up at my iPhone and risk getting sucked into checking email or the web.”

Wow, going old-school to avoid the cyber vortex. WAC (what a concept).

John Edmondson is a teacher in Hampstead.

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